Mandrake Poppet, Florida, USA

WillowsPaganShop on Etsy “Mandrake babies grown in my Witches garden, I have carefully harvested these enchanting organic Mandrake Babies with natural herbs, crystals and fabrics. They carry with them the essence & power of this magickal plant! They bring protection, divert demons, and negative forces. They bring enhanced ancestral spiritual contact, good luck in businessContinue reading “Mandrake Poppet, Florida, USA”

Prayer Cord, Texas, USA

Lindsay Disidore, Owner of LindsayLightWeaver on Etsy “Prayer cords have a way of giving us prayerful and meditative focus, much like a rosary or mala. Holding them or wrapping it around your hand during your prayer practice can help infuse your practice with intention. After your prayer or meditative practice the prayer cord can beContinue reading “Prayer Cord, Texas, USA”

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