Automatic Writing Planchette, Iowa

Collected April 2022 HandmadePlanchette on Etsy “This is an Automatic Writing Planchette in a compact size. It is the same size as standard wooden planchettes. This planchette is available in Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Oak, Mahogany and Black Limba. Now you can perform Ouija-style spiritual sessions without an Ouija board. Insert a pencil or pen and […]

Jupiter Gris-Gris / Mojo Bag, California

Collected April 2022 Earthywisewoman on Etsy “Gris-gris/mojo bag. A modern term for a small cloth bag people carry for good luck or to ward off evil. It usually contains a mixture of one or more of the following: herbs, oils, stones, bones, hair, nails, or other items.In my mojo bags I have placed herbs and […]

Protection Doll, Florida

Collected March 2022 SoulflameTreasures on Etsy “Protection dolls (matchbox size) are here to protect your home from evil, your wallet from emptiness and your health from illness. Dolls with a purse/ a travel knot – to protect you during travels. Dolls w/o a purse/ a travel knot – to protect your home, to guard you.”

Trump Poppet – great for cursing, hexing, binding, Missouri

Collected March 2022 SpellboundSitchings on Etsy “A crocheted poppet of #45, perfect for binding, cursing, hexing, or just using as a pincushion. Each poppet is crocheted with intent out of soft acrylic yarn and stuffed with fiber fill. The little red tie is made out of felt, and the eyes are plastic. Free shipping within […]

Never Been Pierced Abundance Spell Doll, Minnesota

Collected April 2022 hiddenmagicstudio on Etsy “A poppet (or doll baby, spell doll, or effigy) is widely used in many religious and magical traditions around the world. These dolls are used in sympathetic magic – where the doll represents a person. They can be used for all types of workings such as healing, love, protection, […]

Burn Doll, Pennsylvania

Collected April 2022 SpooksWitchery on Etsy “Cotton doll to burn with spells. 100% cottonWhen burned only ash is leftNo melted plastics smell! KEEP SOMETHING TO PUT OUT FIRE WHENEVER BURNING ANYTHING!”

Peace bird, Latvia

Collected April 2022 MagicDollArtStudio on Etsy “No war doll. The Bird of Happiness Slavic Traditional Rag doll brings Luck and success. Waldorf inspired. Montessori Ukraine doll. This beautiful traditional slavic textile bird doll is one of the best gifts for any occasion. When you see it, when you hold it in your hand, it will […]

Gold Spanish Moss Poppet, Louisiana

Collected March 2022 EnchantressCraftShop on Etsy “Authentic Spanish Moss Poppet, Gold Poppet, Protection, Success, Wealth, Fast Luck, Confidence, Strength, Magick, Poppet Ornament Made with/ Reason of use* Spanish Moss ~Protection, Opens blockages* Pine Wood~ Protection, Purification, Energy.* Cowrie Shell ~Goddess Protection. A very powerful shell that is connected with the strength and power of the […]


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