Spinning Bracelet, Corvallis, Oregon, USA

Created by Y.F.B.S.J.C. in 1994. Donated July 2021. Formal Statement:  When I was six years old some of the older women from my community took me aside and showed me how to cart wool, they taught me some songs to sing while I carted and instructed me to cart wool, they then showed me how […]

Covid-19 Protection Talisman, Hawaii, USA

Collected February 2021 AriSpiritualEmporium on Etsy Original post unavailable. Note from K. D. Hume: I wrestled with the ethics of supporting this kind of artifact, which could be used in a dangerously anti-science way in the midst of a pandemic. However, as the talisman was all of $0.30, my desire to preserve this piece of […]

Borderline Personality Disorder Poppet, Virginia, USA

Collected March 2021 AndromedasCrafts on Etsy “Does it sometimes feel like your BPD controls you? Take control of your BPD with these handmade poppets made specifically to beat the **** out of your disorders. Smack it, stab it with a pin, or give it a good punch. You are in control, don’t let your BPD […]

Poppet, Maryland, USA

Collected March 2021 BabaYagaSews on Etsy “Poppet | Intention Doll | Voodoo Doll A poppet is a small doll that can be bound to a person and used to cast good intentions, for help, healing, or for harm. Personal items can be added to the poppet to form a strong connection. The poppet can be […]

Peace Poppet, North Carolina, USA

Collected March 2021 WitchofWonderlight on Etsy Peace Poppet For those times when you need a little help reducing the anxiety and stress that so often inhibits our lives. For yourself or someone you love. This poppet/talisman was made with peace, relaxation, and anxiety reduction set as the intentions. Made during the new mon. All of […]

The Witchcraft Census: Round 1

Over 600 witches answered the first round of our Witchcraft Census and dozens of people wrote us with input on further questions. The Census was open from March 27th to May 24th, 2021. I’m now closing this set of questions in order to revise some questions and add others. The methodology for this census was […]

The first 24 hours of the Witchcraft Census

I am overwhelmed to have gotten 200+ responses to the Witchcraft Census overnight! When I wrote those questions yesterday, I thought I might get a couple dozen responses, if I was lucky. Thank you to all the magical practitioners who have answered, and the folks who reached out with thoughtful suggestions about wording or choices. […]

Pride Poppet, Pennsylvania, USA

GaiaInspirations on Etsy “Pride: made in honor of the LGBT community and my many beautiful friends. I used threads to create a rainbow, the knots represent friendship and connection. Red for life, orange for healing,yellow for sunshine, green for nature,blue for harmony, indigo for serenity, and violet for spirit. I chose stones not only for […]

Hecate Crossroad Key, Florida, USA

Collected April 2020 WillowsPaganShop on Etsy “A pass key or skeleton key can be used as a ritual talisman to open the way to new beginnings, help you pass through a metaphysical,magical block, help open the path to a new beginning. In Hoodoo conjure and root work, a key can be used to assist in […]

Mandrake Poppet, Florida, USA

Collected May 2020 WillowsPaganShop on Etsy “Mandrake babies grown in my Witches garden, I have carefully harvested these enchanting organic Mandrake Babies with natural herbs, crystals and fabrics. They carry with them the essence & power of this magickal plant! They bring protection, divert demons, and negative forces. They bring enhanced ancestral spiritual contact, good […]


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