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 Modern witches, modern magic…

Located in Olympia, Washington, this private museum researches and curates modern witchcraft artifacts. A secular organization, we collect artifacts from any path or creed of witch, focusing on the artistic and cultural value of magic and ritual.

We’re currently in the research and collecting portion of this journey, so if you’re a witch who would like to be interviewed, or would like to send us some magical artifacts you’re ready to dispose of, get in touch.

We’ll be opening… at some point when this pandemic gets under control.

Believers and nonbelievers will be welcome! As this collection is currently in a private home, we ask that you make a request a reservation through our Contact page. Weekends and nights (8-10 PM) are our preferred times for showing the collection, as we all have day jobs. We can accommodate up to 8 visitors at a time.

Some of our collection may be unsuitable for youth. 12+ welcome at parental discretion, if accompanied by a guardian. Otherwise, 18 and over only.

We are located in West Olympia, close to bus routes. We are not easily wheelchair accessible at this time, with uneven ground and small steps. Cats and many, many plants on the property, but the space is relatively fragrance free.

This museum is the brainchild of K. D. Hume, a queer witch-poet and a part-time mermaid.