Located in Olympia, Washington, this private museum researches and curates modern witchcraft beliefs and artifacts. A secular organization, we collect artifacts from any path or creed of witch, focusing on the artistic and cultural value of magic and ritual.

Under Our Purview:

Collecting artifacts, zines, and books related to witchcraft and/or created by self-identified magical practitioners.

Interviewing self-identified witches and other magical practitioners.

Polling to quantify the vast range of beliefs held by witches and magical practitioners.

Not Under Our Purview:

Attempting to prove magic or the supernatural.

Endorsing or condemning any specific magical path.

Advising on spells, rituals, and other magical attempts.

Funding & Donations:

This museum is the brainchild of K. D. Hume. I currently have no funding, so all acquisitions are either bought by me, traded for, or donated. If you would like to donate (or trade) artifacts or zines, please contact me at museumofcontemporarywitchcraft.gmail.com.

You can also tip me on Ko-fi.


Domain Registration: $18 annually

Crowdsignal Subscription: $180 annually

Acquisitions: Variable