Succubus Haunted Necklace, Arkansas, USA

Collected April 2020

Drusilla, MysticalCompanions on Etsy

“This necklace is made of metal and has a turquoise stone at the center.

This spirit is a succubus. She has blonde hair and green eyes. Her height is five foot and three inches.

Her energy is very sensual and energizing. She has a very witty sense of humor, and often enjoys making suggestive jokes. She is very outgoing and truly enjoys being around others. She isn’t particularly fond of children. She can sometimes find them annoying and avoids interacting with them.

This spirit prefers offerings of red and white wine, champagne, and turquoise. She enjoys listening to classical music, jazz, and swing. She enjoys watching romantic movies and dramas.

She is looking for a keeper who will engage in a romantic and sexual relationship with her. She is a lesbian and would prefer a female keeper.

I will message you the name of the spirit after the purchase of this vessel.

As per Etsy’s policy, the seller is selling a tangible object for entertainment purposes only. The seller is not responsible for any spiritual activity that may or may not occur. This necklace is for entertainment purposes only. Also, as per Etsy policy, I am not claiming this object will change the buyer’s life in any capacity.”

Note from K. D. Hume

I wear this necklace often, and have chosen to keep this demon’s name secret as a fun party game. If you are ever at MoCW, take a guess.


Witch Ball, Florida, USA

Collected April 2020

Nicole Dunn, Owner of the Witches Haven on Etsy

“Witch Balls date back to the late 18th century, and were often used by hanging in houses to protect against witchy curses and spells! Hanging these wonderful balls near a window or on a porch are thought to ward off any negative energy that might be affecting the house!

The lore behind these balls is that the negative spirit and energies will be so attracted to the ball that when they touch it, they get sucked inside and trapped!

Each ball will come with a random charm attached to it.”

Artifacts Poppets

Bat Protection Poppet, Olympia, Washington, USA

Made by K. D. Hume, Winter 2019.

Hand-sewn protection poppet filled with tulle and beans.


SATOR Square, Volgograd, Russia

Collected November 2019

TolikWoodsDesing on Etsy

“These Talisman are made from 150 years old oak tree, which was broken after a full Sun Eclipse March 09 2016 year’s storm. We couldn’t stand the thought of turning it into firewood, so we make boards out of it.

Sator Square Wooden Wall Plaque with saw toothed wall hanger.

The Sator or Rotas Square is a word square containing a five-word palindrome:

S A T O R. A R E P O. T E N E T. O P E R A. R O T A S.

Found in Pompeii (destroyed in AD 79) the square is believed to be a house protection spell.”


Why start a museum about contemporary witchcraft?

One of the things I love about witchcraft is how differently everyone does it. Witches have opinions. Lots of opinions. We’re a rebellious bunch, and I love that. I don’t want everyone to practice magic the way I practice magic, anymore than I want everyone to paint the way I paint. The joy of any art form is in variety and experimentation. And to me, witchcraft is first and foremost an art.

Which is the main reason I’m starting the Museum of Contemporary Witchcraft. I’m slowly collecting witchcraft zines, books, and artifacts, with an emphasis on DIY and handmade artifacts instead of the mass-produced items. I’m also getting ready to ask a lot of witches a lot of questions, starting with the Witchcraft Census, a short survey you can fill out here

I don’t have a huge budget for this, but currently I’m buying zines and small magical items from folks who would normally be selling at events. Once the world gets less distant again, I’m planning on taking my show on the road, doing outreach at witchy events, trading zines and spells, soliciting donations of old spells folks want to be rid of, interviewing witches, etc.

So with that, welcome! I hope you’ll join me on this journey!