Pride Poppet, Pennsylvania, USA

GaiaInspirations on Etsy “Pride: made in honor of the LGBT community and my many beautiful friends. I used threads to create a rainbow, the knots represent friendship and connection. Red for life, orange for healing,yellow for sunshine, green for nature,blue for harmony, indigo for serenity, and violet for spirit. I chose stones not only forContinue reading “Pride Poppet, Pennsylvania, USA”

Prayer Cord, Texas, USA

Lindsay Disidore, Owner of LindsayLightWeaver on Etsy “Prayer cords have a way of giving us prayerful and meditative focus, much like a rosary or mala. Holding them or wrapping it around your hand during your prayer practice can help infuse your practice with intention. After your prayer or meditative practice the prayer cord can beContinue reading “Prayer Cord, Texas, USA”

Succubus Haunted Necklace, Arkansas, USA

Drusilla, MysticalCompanions on Etsy “This necklace is made of metal and has a turquoise stone at the center. This spirit is a succubus. She has blonde hair and green eyes. Her height is five foot and three inches. Her energy is very sensual and energizing. She has a very witty sense of humor, and oftenContinue reading “Succubus Haunted Necklace, Arkansas, USA”

Witch Ball, Florida, USA

Nicole Dunn, Owner of the Witches Haven on Etsy “Witch Balls date back to the late 18th century, and were often used by hanging in houses to protect against witchy curses and spells! Hanging these wonderful balls near a window or on a porch are thought to ward off any negative energy that might beContinue reading “Witch Ball, Florida, USA”

SATOR Square, Volgograd, Russia

TolikWoodsDesing on Etsy “These Talisman are made from 150 years old oak tree, which was broken after a full Sun Eclipse March 09 2016 year’s storm. We couldn’t stand the thought of turning it into firewood, so we make boards out of it. Sator Square Wooden Wall Plaque with saw toothed wall hanger. The SatorContinue reading “SATOR Square, Volgograd, Russia”

Why start a museum about contemporary witchcraft?

One of the things I love about witchcraft is how differently everyone does it. Witches have opinions. Lots of opinions. We’re a rebellious bunch, and I love that. I don’t want everyone to practice magic the way I practice magic, anymore than I want everyone to paint the way I paint. The joy of anyContinue reading “Why start a museum about contemporary witchcraft?”