Artifacts Poppets

2112 Made to Order Poppet

Collected April 2022

AShabbyCraftAffair on Etsy

Artifacts Poppets

Spell Doll, Colorado

Collected March 2022

WitcheryAtHand on Etsy

Artifacts Poppets

Trump Poppet – great for cursing, hexing, binding, Missouri

Collected March 2022

SpellboundSitchings on Etsy

“A crocheted poppet of #45, perfect for binding, cursing, hexing, or just using as a pincushion.

Each poppet is crocheted with intent out of soft acrylic yarn and stuffed with fiber fill. The little red tie is made out of felt, and the eyes are plastic.

Free shipping within US. 100% of each sale will go to the anti-trump nonprofit of your choice,to help them fight against 45’s policies. (Just let me know in the comments if you have a charity preference).

Proof of donation will be sent via Etsy message after purchase.”

Artifacts Poppets

Never Been Pierced Abundance Spell Doll, Minnesota

Collected April 2022

hiddenmagicstudio on Etsy

“A poppet (or doll baby, spell doll, or effigy) is widely used in many religious and magical traditions around the world. These dolls are used in sympathetic magic – where the doll represents a person. They can be used for all types of workings such as healing, love, protection, banishing, binding, and more. I love using faceless dolls in my own practice as I feel they more easily become whatever I intend them to be.

My dolls are created using techniques from folk art dolls, pioneer dolls, motanka dolls, zadanica dolls, and corn husk dolls. The doll is not sewn (has never been pierced). Edges at the feet are intentionally left raw and may fray when handled frequently.

Yellow: abundance and joy, friendship, wisdom”

Artifacts Poppets

Burn Doll, Pennsylvania

Collected April 2022

SpooksWitchery on Etsy

“Cotton doll to burn with spells. 100% cotton
When burned only ash is left
No melted plastics smell!


Artifacts Poppets

Peace bird, Latvia

Collected April 2022

MagicDollArtStudio on Etsy

“No war doll. The Bird of Happiness Slavic Traditional Rag doll brings Luck and success. Waldorf inspired. Montessori Ukraine doll.

This beautiful traditional slavic textile bird doll is one of the best gifts for any occasion. When you see it, when you hold it in your hand, it will bring to you joy and make the interior of your house beautiful.
They say that it protects you and your home from any wrong energies.
Waldorf education
Montessori school

I can teach you how to make this kind of doll. More info here:”

Artifacts Poppets

Gold Spanish Moss Poppet, Louisiana

Collected March 2022

EnchantressCraftShop on Etsy

“Authentic Spanish Moss Poppet, Gold Poppet, Protection, Success, Wealth, Fast Luck, Confidence, Strength, Magick, Poppet Ornament

Made with/ Reason of use
* Spanish Moss ~Protection, Opens blockages
* Pine Wood~ Protection, Purification, Energy.
* Cowrie Shell ~Goddess Protection. A very powerful shell that is connected with the strength and power of the ocean.
* Felt. ~ For you to self personalize with writing.
* Twine/ Hemp String.~ Used to give option to hang in home, vehicle, etc.
* Gold Acrylic Paint.~ Used to color the Moss.
* Hot Glue.~ Used to hold Poppet together

🔮Simple Instructions

🔮To make the poppet represent Person/Self/ Magick Assistant ~
1.) You can write Name / Sigils on the felt on the back of the poppet.
2.) You can add a piece of cut clothing of the person/Self clothes and dress the poppet.
3.) You can cut a picture of a face and attach it to the poppet.

🔮To make the poppet intention stronger~
1.) You can add Essential oil / blends to the poppet that matches the intention your going for.
2.) You can make a pocket with the piece of the cut personal clothing that will be attach to poppet to add herbs, flowers, stones exc that matches the intention your going for.

🔮 Give life to your poppet~
1.) Light a Candle and focus your intention to poppet./ Can meditate if needed to help you focus your intent.
2.) Feed your poppet to keep its energy up.-
*I personally use rain moon water. I dab my finger in the water and touch the poppet.
3.)Charge and cleanse poppet in full moon light.

🔮Bring a stronger connection between self and poppet~
1.) Keep poppet close to self.
2.) Always be respectful with handling your poppet.
3.) Don’t let others touch your poppet.

Depending on use of poppet will determine how/ if you personalize it and add more Intent.
You can add more than these if you feel necessary.

Note~ Other poppets maybe similarly made ,but not one will look exactly as another.
This is a one of a kind authentic Spanish moss Poppet made by me.
Color of poppet maybe slightly different from picture, because of lighting.”

Artifacts Poppets

Corn Husk Poppet Set, California

Collected March 2022

LettuceVintage on Etsy

Artifacts Poppets

Harvest Hare Doll – Ostara Corn Husk Dolly, Arizona

Collected March 2022

CrimsonSageApoth on Etsy

“During Ostara, the Sacred Hare represents fertility & abundance, which can encompass many things. They represent birth, the growth of ideas, & our innate wild selves. Celtics often heralded hares & would only hunt them during Ostara as part of the cycle to give way to new hares’ growth.

Place your Harvest Hare Doll in your home, on your hearth or altar to invite fertility, growth, nurture, or abundance into your household & to celebrate Spring during Ostara & Beltane.

This listing is for one handmade harvest hare doll measuring about 6-8 inches high, dyed Aquamarine with mica powder, & adorned with an Aquamarine paper flower & Pussy Willow bunny tail.

Made with corn husks acquired right here in AZ.

*Because of the way the corn husks dry, there may be some imperfections, some ears curl, & no two will be the same.”

Artifacts Poppets

Icey the Yeti, Michigan

Collected August 2022

Riverhagjournals on Etsy

“This is Icey! He has a hand sculpted and hand painted face with glass eyes. He is soft and fun to hold. He is a three eyed yeti. He has a crystal within him and can help protect your home, he a spirit vessel or poppet.”