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Dice Divination Kit with Pouch and Instructions, Astragalomancy, Die Casting

Collected June 2021

TheMysticWood on Etsy

“Casting dice for divination is one of the oldest recorded methods of divination, archeological record shows dice being used in and near sacred sites in numerous places all over the world, these dice were usually made from the knuckle bones of sheep, marked clay, and marked pebbles. In ancient Greece this method of divination was connected with the god Hermes, as the god of divine messages, luck, certain forms of divination, and gambling (among many other things).

What’s great about this method of divination is that it doesn’t require any special knowledge or memorization, the simple method for using dice for divination is just that, simple! In the kit that I have created here, you will get three dice, an instruction zine / pamphlet created by me, that contains directions and meanings for your divinatory readings, and a small hand stamped cotton muslin pouch. The pouch included in this kit has been stamped with a raven motif.”