Jupiter Gris-Gris / Mojo Bag, California

Collected April 2022

Earthywisewoman on Etsy

“Gris-gris/mojo bag. A modern term for a small cloth bag people carry for good luck or to ward off evil. It usually contains a mixture of one or more of the following: herbs, oils, stones, bones, hair, nails, or other items.
In my mojo bags I have placed herbs and essential oils. Each are handmade, no two are alike.

This is a planetary mojo bag for the planet Jupiter. The planetary attributes of Jupiter are:
Jupiter expresses generosity and tolerance – its influence helps people to stay calm and cope with difficulties that might arise. This planet influences one’s spiritual growth by helping maintain optimism.

Happiness also comes under its rule – Jupiter is said to attract only noble things and helps people feel a sense of responsibility for what they do. Jupiter greatly affects our personal image – it usually makes people more confident – especially in expression. You can count on Jupiter’s guidance when you need to state your point of view and prove that it is right.

Knowledge is one of the strongest sides of Jupiter. Those who are led by this planet carefully examine everything; they constantly improve their skills and abilities in order to be the best. Such people value knowledge and generosity because these two features are the most important characteristics of every person. Self-realization and self-improvement become the main goals of every individual when Jupiter influences his personality.

Indeed this is a very powerful mojo bag to have )0(“

By kdhumewriter

A queer writer and artist from the tidal flats of the Salish Sea. Author of Between Death and the Devil: Tarot Poems, So Our Idols are Dead: Empowerment Poems, and Persons of Consequence: A Pacific Northwest Gothic Novel.

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