Artifacts Poppets

Peace bird, Latvia

Collected April 2022

MagicDollArtStudio on Etsy

“No war doll. The Bird of Happiness Slavic Traditional Rag doll brings Luck and success. Waldorf inspired. Montessori Ukraine doll.

This beautiful traditional slavic textile bird doll is one of the best gifts for any occasion. When you see it, when you hold it in your hand, it will bring to you joy and make the interior of your house beautiful.
They say that it protects you and your home from any wrong energies.
Waldorf education
Montessori school

I can teach you how to make this kind of doll. More info here:”

By kdhumewriter

A queer writer and artist from the tidal flats of the Salish Sea. Author of Between Death and the Devil: Tarot Poems, So Our Idols are Dead: Empowerment Poems, and Persons of Consequence: A Pacific Northwest Gothic Novel.

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