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Gold Spanish Moss Poppet, Louisiana

Collected March 2022

EnchantressCraftShop on Etsy

“Authentic Spanish Moss Poppet, Gold Poppet, Protection, Success, Wealth, Fast Luck, Confidence, Strength, Magick, Poppet Ornament

Made with/ Reason of use
* Spanish Moss ~Protection, Opens blockages
* Pine Wood~ Protection, Purification, Energy.
* Cowrie Shell ~Goddess Protection. A very powerful shell that is connected with the strength and power of the ocean.
* Felt. ~ For you to self personalize with writing.
* Twine/ Hemp String.~ Used to give option to hang in home, vehicle, etc.
* Gold Acrylic Paint.~ Used to color the Moss.
* Hot Glue.~ Used to hold Poppet together

🔮Simple Instructions

🔮To make the poppet represent Person/Self/ Magick Assistant ~
1.) You can write Name / Sigils on the felt on the back of the poppet.
2.) You can add a piece of cut clothing of the person/Self clothes and dress the poppet.
3.) You can cut a picture of a face and attach it to the poppet.

🔮To make the poppet intention stronger~
1.) You can add Essential oil / blends to the poppet that matches the intention your going for.
2.) You can make a pocket with the piece of the cut personal clothing that will be attach to poppet to add herbs, flowers, stones exc that matches the intention your going for.

🔮 Give life to your poppet~
1.) Light a Candle and focus your intention to poppet./ Can meditate if needed to help you focus your intent.
2.) Feed your poppet to keep its energy up.-
*I personally use rain moon water. I dab my finger in the water and touch the poppet.
3.)Charge and cleanse poppet in full moon light.

🔮Bring a stronger connection between self and poppet~
1.) Keep poppet close to self.
2.) Always be respectful with handling your poppet.
3.) Don’t let others touch your poppet.

Depending on use of poppet will determine how/ if you personalize it and add more Intent.
You can add more than these if you feel necessary.

Note~ Other poppets maybe similarly made ,but not one will look exactly as another.
This is a one of a kind authentic Spanish moss Poppet made by me.
Color of poppet maybe slightly different from picture, because of lighting.”

By kdhumewriter

A queer writer and artist from the tidal flats of the Salish Sea. Author of Between Death and the Devil: Tarot Poems, So Our Idols are Dead: Empowerment Poems, and Persons of Consequence: A Pacific Northwest Gothic Novel.

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