Altar Cloth Artifacts Interview

Four Corners of the Moon Altar Cloth, New Jersey, USA

Donated by Wendy Wilson of Magic in Your Living Room, August 2021.

How did you come to design this altar cloth?

I used to work for a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company (As you can imaging, I fit in REAL well), I was sitting in a boring meeting doodling (I suffer from ADD) and I drew the original. I already had in mind what I could do with the computer to make it shine. I took it home and redrew it on my computer and used the computer to enhance to the light emanations. 

Were you designing it for a specific ritual or season?

We did a “Drawing Down the Moon” ritual, with a slight change. Instead of the priest drawing down the moon into the priestess, we each empowered ourselves to draw down the moon into ourselves. This was used as the cover for that ritual.

Is there a particular philosophy behind this design?

Like the moon, we are all reflections of the sun. Like the moon, we live in phases, moving from child to youth to adult to sage. Like the moon, sometimes we shine brighter, but we are always beings of light, even at times when it is shaded. 

I know that for some, Drawing Down the Moon is a staple of their practice. Is it a ritual you do regularly? Does it have particular significance for you?

We just did it that once. Mostly, we only do rituals once or twice (which is what I have 3 loose leaf books filled with ritual programs.)  It was a moving ritual, but so was the Farewell to Colors, Descent into Darkness, The Magical Child and Sailing West.

By kdhumewriter

A queer writer and artist from the tidal flats of the Salish Sea. Author of Between Death and the Devil: Tarot Poems, So Our Idols are Dead: Empowerment Poems, and Persons of Consequence: A Pacific Northwest Gothic Novel.

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