Artifacts Divination

“QUIJA” Spinner Game, Oregon, USA

Collected August 2020

Avicornia on Ebay:

Fortune Telling Game…Divination Tool

Auction Includes: 1 SPINNER GAME
(with plastic arrow & instructions printed on the back; as pictured: no extras, box, or packaging)
Game was printed on 8.5 x 11″ 100lb./270gsm card stock (not board) and fully laminated.

What are the initials of my true love?
Is the person I’m attracted to interested in me now?
How many children will I have?
Will I get a promotion?
When will my business turn a profit?

Ask these questions and more…Use your imagination and intuition…Relax and have fun!

By kdhumewriter

A queer writer and artist from the tidal flats of the Salish Sea. Author of Between Death and the Devil: Tarot Poems, So Our Idols are Dead: Empowerment Poems, and Persons of Consequence: A Pacific Northwest Gothic Novel.

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